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Guardian Court by Fahad Ahmad Siddiqi

Non Custodial Father and Guardian/ Family Laws is a book that introduces the concept of at home visitation rights for divorce affected minor children at the home of their Non Custodial Fathers. This book  is the first of its kind and aims at spreading knowledge to the litigants seeking better access with their children against the template 2 hours once or twice in a month access and that too held within the Court premises.  The first of its kind, book that has been authored by Mr. Fahad Ahmad Siddiqi Advocate.

This book is available for free download in PDF format . You can also read the full text online using our ereader.

Shared Parenting by Fahad Ahmed Siddiqui

Judicial Attitude towards custody proceedings has evolved considerably but despite this evolution of judicial attitude, we have ignored the idea that under certain favorable circumstances, welfare of the minor could also be ensured by securing simultaneous association with both the parents. Since there is no inherent contradiction between pursuing the welfare of the minor and the concept of shared parenting/ custody, the law needs to furnish for this option, provided certain conditions are met. keeping in view of the needs to explore an alternate to sole custody we have tried to introduce the concept of shared parenting through this book with a hope that this concept will act in the aid and ensuring actual welfare of minor being the paramount consideration for the legal fraternity as well as the judiciary alike

Shared Parenting by Fahad Ahmed Siddiqui

We hope this book is to change faulty practice of chalking out of interim visitation schedules of meeting comprising of a mere 2 hours once or twice in a month and that too to b held within court premises thereby depriving reasonable, frequent, appropriate and adequate access of minor but divorce affected children towards their Non Custodial Parents involved in child custody litigation in Pakistan, in sha Allah

Book Price Rs.400 (Soft Copy PDF format)

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