Is International Business A Good Major?

You can make good money after graduating and have plenty of job offers. There are many job titles and managerial positions that require a graduate degree to hold. If you’re searching for a more satisfying job with a higher median annual wage – getting an MBA can be worth it.

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  • Crazy to see those stats about general business & marketing being below the average for all bachelor degrees.
  • But once your company is up and running, the day-to-day task of building and operating your business can become mundane or overwhelming.
  • It’s not possible to determine an exact return on your investment, but you can develop a reasonable estimate.
  • A business administration degree provides a solid foundation in the principles of marketing that support decision-making and strategy.
  • Start by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
  • This course provides students with a business generalist overview of the field of accounting and acts as a preview course for the accounting major.
  • In fact, government labor managers earn about $75,000/year.

While an accounting degree prepares you for work as an accountant, you can take more business classes to widen your skillset. If you’re looking for the best business degree to get, consider labor relations. As one of the best business majors, labor relations specialists earn $73,240 annually.


The market is poised for growth, and college graduates are in demand for a variety of lucrative jobs. If you graduated with a travel and tourism degree but are looking to leave the field, finding a job is difficult. You may have cool stories and fun experiences to share, but employers looking for that degree will be disappointed. Third, if a person is particularly interested in obtaining a degree in one of the fine arts, they should pick a more specific degree focus. If someone wants to learn more about graphic design and have a successful career, they should choose a graphic design major.

Why Human Resource Is Paid Less In Entire Career Compare To Rest Of Qualifications?????

Studying in many European universities is free or minimal. Now after 3.5 years of study and the need to find an internship it is dawning on me what a mistake it was. I should have bit the bullet and moved back to the US and to an area where I could find work in my field. I thought, ” I know 6 languages and have lived in 7 countries, so why not get into something along intercultural consulting !? ” I took certification classes in teaching English , in obtaining certification in German as well as to prepare for a go at a masters.

How Much Does An Mba Degree Cost?

In fact, WGU students often taken on much less student loans than other students due to affordable tuition and financial aid options. ‘Getting a business degree’ usually means getting a bachelor’s in business administration or earning your MBA, but many also refer to specialized business degrees in marketing, HRM, or finance. The University of Texas is one of the best universities for business, thanks to the McCombs School of Business and one of the most booming tech scenes in the world. Their award-winning faculty, exceptional resources, and high ranking academics give students a dynamic educational experience with meaningful connections. The institution also offers students the chance to study abroad and broaden their horizons. In addition, the University of Texas is one of the best value undergraduate business schools, with affordable tuition and a solid return on investment.

What Do You Want To Do With Money?

The same applies if you’re OK with working at a smaller fund of any type, or moving into a corporate development careers or the corporate finance career path at a normal company, or a lot of options outside of pure IB/PE. Good employers will seek to find the best graduates for a job, then train them up for it. This can even put business students at a disadvantage as some employers prefer to work with a ‘blank canvas’, training them to best fit with the company. Degrees themselves don’t get you into a high flying job. Since business managers can work in such a wide range of industries and positions, the data surrounding business management salaries is also broad.

Creative writers truly have skills that are desirable for those who go on to publish stories and novels. During their education, students in a creative writing major learn how to tell a story with colorful words and create poetry while also learning about the professional writing process. A degree in computer science may sound like you’re on the right track for a successful career after graduation. However, like many of the most useless college degrees, computer science is a difficult degree to use after you graduate.

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